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Vision - Mission - Objectives



To be a pioneer, through an effective contribution on the international level, in the field of precision agriculture to achieve economic and environment-friendly agriculture.


To raise the awareness of the undesired economic and environmental consequences resulting from applications of agricultural chemicals, transfer and introduce the precision farming technology to ease these consequences through extensive research projects, collaboration with related scientific centers and specialists, and to educate concerned people on this technology and its application methods.


  • To increase the accuracy and efficiency of agricultural input applications.
  • To conduct lab and field experiments and researches on the economic and environmental negative impacts of agricultural  chemical misapplications.
  • To conduct researches on the economic and environmental feasibility of the precision farming technology that would promote this technology to be accepted and adopted by farmers and environmentalists in Saudi Arabia.
  • To localize this technology through collaborative research efforts.
  • To deliver this technology to a wide segment of local researchers, environmentalists, farmers and agro-economists.
Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:38am